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Palm Fibre

The second half of the palm fruit, which comes after the peel, contains fiber, a solid fuel that resembles hair when it has undergone a light brown processing procedure. The ratio is higher than that of the shell because the amount of heat produced by the fibers is lower than that by the shell. 

The fiber has a potassium content of 9.2%, a sodium content of 0.5%, a calcium content of 4.9%, a chlorine content of 2.5%, a carbonate content of 2.6%, a nitrogen content of 0.04%, a phosphate content of 1.4%, and a silica content of 59.1%.

Its texture is fibrous, and its hue ranges from bright yellow to pale brownish. There will be approximately 12% to 13% of PPF produced, or 120 to 130 kg, for every metric ton of palm fruit processed.
Below are a some of the uses for fiber:

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