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Palm Kernel Expeller (PKE)

One of the by-products of processing palm kernel is palm kernel cake, which contains 45–46% palm kernel. The nutritional content of palm kernel cake typically consists of 60% cellulose, fat, protein, arabinoksilan, glucoronoxilane, and minerals, and typically less than 10% water. You can make this material using mechanical or chemical methods. Despite having a low protein content, palm kernel cake is of good quality, and its crude fiber content is considerable. Palm kernel cake is more frequently given to ruminants, particularly dairy cows, and has low palatability, making it less suitable for monogastric cattle.

Palm kernel cake has the potential to be an element in feed for both ruminants and non-ruminants because of its comparatively high nutritional composition and production. Although palm kernel cake can be used as animal feed, it has been discovered that there are issues with it. These issues include the unbalanced amino acid content and the fact that the quality of palm kernel cake varies depending on the oil concentration and contamination from oil palm shells. Furthermore, both for dry matter as well as for protein and amino acids, the digestibility value of palm kernel cake was quite poor. Therefore, the production of feed must be set up so that it is based on digestible nutrients when employing high amounts of Palm kernel cake.

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