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Palm Kernel Shell Charcoal (PKSC)

As a starting point, leftover palm shells can be utilized to make charcoal. Alternatively, charcoal is a more widely used name. This palm oil shell yields excellent-quality charcoal. Due to the presence of lignocellulosic materials in the palm kernel shell, this is the case. This Palm charcoal’s weight issue, which can reach 1.4 grams per milliliter, is another benefit mentioned. Furthermore, charcoal combustion produces more heat energy, 20,093 kJ/Kg, than other methods. In contrast to wood-fired charcoal or just regular coconut shells in general, this very noticeable distinction will be quite fascinating. an environmentally sound substitute for heat energy.

In essence, charcoal briquettes are an alternative fuel made primarily of wood and shell. According to projections, this briquette will be able to replace old natural resources that are still in high demand for human purposes. The actual briquette material is handled by first grinding it, after which it is combined with starch and, as necessary, moulded in specialized molds. The utility of the charcoal briquettes manufactured from palm kernel shells will surely be impacted by this continuous process. Some benefits of using palm kernel shells as charcoal briquettes, are listed below:

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