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Palm Kernel Shell (PKS)

In addition to being the primary source of oil, palm oil has additional advantages that have not yet been made known to the general population. Call it the Palm kernel shell; it contains a variety of components that are very beneficial to human survival. Some of these elements’ content starts out with a minimal ash level of between 2 and 3 percent, has a 7-8% moisture intensity in the analysis. Additionally, it contains high fixed of 20–22%. In addition, there is a sizeable amount of volatile materials (evaporation rate)—roughly 69–70%—that might be classed as quite high. The use of Palm kernel shells is based on this elemental variation.

Palm kernel shells can be used as boiler fuel. Specifically, turning trash into steam that can power turbine engines Additionally, it works to run all steam-powered devices. This palm oil shell is used as an alternative fuel because the waste-derived products are free. The resulting fire pressure is also stronger and has a higher maximum heat power level. One of the substitute fuels that can help conserve petroleum resources.

Additionally, palm kernel shell is the main competitor of wood pellet in the global biomass fuel market but cheaper in price. Also not all countries can produce palm kernel shell, because the palm oil tree only grows in certain parts of the world.

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