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Palm Kernel Shells

The Renewable Fuel of Choice

Being carbon neutral, it emits no greenhouse gasses and is the only biomass fuel that can be used indoors in stoves, boilers and furnaces.

We are ready to use renewable energy. For a sustainable future.

Palm kernel shells (PKS) are a renewable, carbon-neutral energy source. Alternative energy has never been so accessible! PKS is a super-convenient, easy to use biomass fuel that can be used right at the source. It’s always ready, doesn’t need to be transported or stored, and it is a great alternative to coal.


Our Products


Palm Kernel Shell Charcoal

Palm kernel shell charcoal is a sustainable, carbon-neutral product that can be used as fuel for electricity generation, cooking and heating.

palm kernel shells

Palm Kernel Shell

Palm kernel shells are an excellent renewable and sustainable resource--and it's what we do best here at Greyvernice.

Palm Kernel Oil

We make sure that the palm kernel oil is produced in a method that is both environmentally beneficial and safe.

Palm Kernel Expeller / Cake

PKE is a high-quality stock feed with a moderate amount of energy and a lot of crude protein used as feed for certain livestock classes.

Palm Fibre

When palm fiber has been processed to a light brown color, it becomes a solid fuel with a hair-like form.

Our Best Services

As an industry leader in the export of palm kernel shells, we at Greyvernice are committed to giving you the best services.


Palm kernel shells are an international commodity that Greyvernice specializes in exporting to Europe and other parts of the world. They are regarded as a renewable, reliable, abundant and carbon-neutral biomass fuel.

Local retail of PKS and PKSC

Buy palm kernel shell charcoal from a local retailer. By purchasing from a local retailer, you're not only supporting your local economy, but you're also cutting out the costs of shipping and handling.

Charter or vessels for the shipping of PKS

Charter your own vessel and ship in bulk today. As a bulk commodity, PKS can be shipped on the spot market with qualified charter brokers. Get in touch to find out more about shipping palm kernel shells!

Logistics for transportation of goods and PKS & PKSC

We have the logistics to help you with the transportation and/or shipping of your goods, palm kernel shells and palm kernel shell charcoal. Contact us today for more information on our services!

Why Choose The Services Of Our Company

We’re committed to getting PKS and PKSC where it needs to go—you need a reliable company for the transportation, shipping, logistics of palm kernel shells. You need us.


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