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Palm Kernel Shell (PKS)

The natural, high-grade solid biofuel known as palm kernel shell (PKS) has a high energy density. In addition to being the primary source of oil, palm oil also has other advantages that have not yet been made known to the general population. Call it the Palm kernel shell; it has numerous components that are beneficial to human survival.

Palm Kernel Shell Charcoal (PKSC)

Our cutting-edge carbonization processing line creates charcoal from palm kernel shells. It is a very porous substance with a sizable surface area and good adsorptive qualities, which makes it a superb substance for waste water treatment, filtration systems, deodorization, and even as bio-char for agricultural uses.

Palm Kernel Oil

Palm Kernel Oil can be extracted from the kernels of the oil palm fruits. It belongs to the lauric oils like coconut oil, i.e. it contains a high amount of lauric acid, a saturated fatty acid. That’s why it is solid at room temperature.

The raw oil is yellowish-brown, after refining one obtains a nearly white-yellowish fat. Palm kernel oil is solid at room temperature, but at body temperature it is melting rapidly and leaves a pleasant cooling effect.

Palm Kernel Expeller / Cake

A by-product of the extraction of palm oil from the fruit of the palm tree is palm kernel expeller (PKE), also known as palm kernel cake (PKC). For the creation of animal feed, PKE is a crucial component. For the majority of livestock classes, it can be used as a supplement. PKE is a high-quality stock feed with a moderate amount of energy and a lot of crude protein.

Palm Fibre

After the fresh fruit bunch has been processed, the vascular bundles of the oil palm are used to generate long, dried palm fiber, which is regarded as a waste product. 100% natural and of the highest quality is palm fiber.
When palm fiber has been processed to a light brown color, it becomes a solid fuel with a hair-like form.

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